Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Word Intro and Ch.1

I really like Susan Blum's approach to plagiarism. This isn't a book that just looks at the students who have plagiarized and says it was wrong and they should be punished. Susan Blum looks for the reason why this is happening. I fount it very interesting that she's not just looking at one specific student or school but looking at our entire society. She states that nearly half of college undergraduate students cheat or has plagiarized. I didn't think plagiarism happened that much in our society.

I agree with Susan Blum that college students have so much going on in their lives. College is a fun experience but there's also a lot of responsibility and stress that comes along with it. I can definitely relate to what she was saying. This is my second semester in college and during this short time there have been times when I just feel like everything is pilling up with trying to balance school, work, and family.

There was one part in particular I didn't really understand and was a bit vague to me. Susan Blum sais that students didn't have to cite things that are common sense. Something that is common sense or common knowledge to me may not be common sense to someone else.

I think it's great that Susan Blum spent all that time doing research on this topic and am looking forward to reading more about it.