Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My experience at SFSU

I am the first generation in my family to attend a state university. My two older siblings attended city college for a semester or two but ended up dropping out. Overall, I feel I've had a positive experience so far at San Francisco State University. 

The application process took time but it wasn't that long and I didn't have to write any essays. I felt that I had a pretty good chance of getting in because I had a good GPA but I wasn't sure, so I felt nervous and anxious to know if I had been accepted. In My Word, Blum says that the application process is very stressful for students applying to Notre Dame because there is a lot of competition and there are more requirements like having to write essays. Also having good grades isn't enough to get into a school like Notre Dame, students need to have been involved in extracurricular activities and have volunteer hours. I didn't feel stressed during the application process to SFSU. 

Now that I've had a few classes at the university I have found myself feeling stressed when I have a lot of work to do. It's hard to balance out everything I have to do and prioritize. I have classes every day on campus, I work on weekends, and babysit twice a week on weekdays. I live off campus and am not in any clubs. I don't drink or "party hard" like the student interviewed by Blum. I don't think I would be able to handle partying three times a week and have time to complete all of my homework on time and have energy for work and other responsibilities. 

I do feel pressure to do good in school because I am the first person in my family to go to a university and it costs soooooooo much money. I don't want everything I am doing and paying to go to waste. I want to graduate and have a good career so I can get a good paying job. There are some similarities between SFSU and Notre Dame, as in students feeling stress but it comes in a different way. For students at Notre Dame, stress comes from pressure to fit in and going out and "partying hard" and then not having enough time for homework and studying. For me personally the stress comes in when I'm not sure if I'll be able to take another semester at SFSU because I don't have enough money and I might not get financial aid. Also when it's time to sign up for classes, because it's getting harder to get into the classes you want and need. Last semester two of the classes I enrolled in were cancelled a few weeks before the semester started. There were almost no classes left so I took whatever I could get that met a general education requirement. 


  1. I totally understand how you feel the pressure. My older brother didn't finish high school, and he later went to Heald College. My family expects me to go farther and higher; I hope I can satisfy them and myself.
    You sound like a busy bee! Keep calm and carry on with what you gotta do(:

  2. I agree that the application process was not a hard or stressful one at all, especially compared to the Stanford application I filled out applying there. Good luck in all of your future academic endeavors and congrats on being the first one to go to a University in your family :)

  3. wow, I can really relate to your post and to what Suzette just said. Like you I have an older brother that went to a CC but ended up dropping out. The pressure is definitely on, especially on the money part...last sem. a class was canceled and I thought oh shoot! I need 12 units for fin aid. and you're right about the partying thing, it even amazes me that some students here party AND club once Thursday comes around.

  4. I didn't feel stressed about applying to SFSU either at first. But after I didn't get into the UC schools I wanted to that's when all my stress started building up.

  5. I'm first one in college too the pressure is too much for me sometimes as well