Sunday, May 2, 2010

It was interesting to see how demographics plays a role on plagiarism. From the interviews, I noticed that stereotypes of students race can lead to them plagiarizing. Some students felt that the stereotype of their race was to be smart and they wanted to fit into that category and therefore plagiarized to get good grades and seem smart. Also, when the stereotype of the students race is that they're not very smart then they don't want to fit into that stereotype and plagiarize to prove others wrong. One student believed that demographics had nothing to do with plagiarism and that it didn't affect their views on plagiarism. Overall, it was interesting to hear about the students' views and experiences through the interviews. 


  1. this is interesting, I never really thought racial stereotypes play a part in plagiarism

  2. There's a lot of research that shows that race/gender performance anxiety can influence how people perform on tests -- for example, women may do worse on a test of their math ability if they are really anxious about disproving the stereotype that women are worse at math than men. Maybe something similar is happening with plagiarism?